Procedures and Protocols

If your pet takes medication, you will be asked to confirm the medication and dosage at each appointment. This is for your pet’s safety.

Doctor appointments

You and your pet will see a technician to discuss concerns and collect valuable information about your pet. Then the doctor will come into the room and examine your pet and answer any questions.

Technician appointments

You and your pet will see only a technician during these appointments. The doctor will not be available to you during the visit. These appointments are often completed in the treatment area of clinic. There is a fee for technician appointments.

Re-check appointments

Your pet will see the doctor in the treatment area of the clinic while you wait in the lobby. A technician will discuss any continued concerns that you may have about your pet and will provide you with further instructions from the doctor.


You will discuss the reason for your pet’s visit and any concerns that you may have with the technician, and then you will be asked to fill out a drop off form and provide valuable information about your pet. Please allow 30 minutes to complete forms and check in. After all the proper forms are filled out, you are free to leave and either the technician or the doctor will call you with results and a pickup time. These pets are seen in between other appointments, so they often spend the majority of the day with us.

Surgery and Dental procedures

You and your pet will meet in an exam room with a technician to discuss the details of the procedure and fill out the appropriate forms. You should mention any questions, concerns, or changes during the intake process. After the procedure is complete the technician will call you with an update, this is when they will give you a pickup time. During discharge, the technician will go over any pertinent information about recovery, restrictions, and medications.


You will need to set aside time to fill out the appropriate forms as well as discuss care instructions and any concerns with a technician before you leave. Your pets will appreciate you packing home items such as: their regular diet, all medications, and 1 personal item for comfort. There will be a fee added during holidays.

Medication refills

IF FILLING CONROLLED MEDICATION, YOU MUST CALL AHEAD AND YOU WILL NEED TO BE IN THE BUILDING FOR US TO FILL IT. All medications will be filled within 24 hours of request. If you need medication filled in less than 24 hours, you will incur a rush fee. Written prescriptions also carry a fee. If your pet's medication requires a level check or monitoring bloodwork, we will fill the medication until the bloodwork is due. Your pet must be up to date on exams and bloodwork to qualify for a refill of medication. All compounded medications must be pre-paid. Third party online pharmacy requests (i.e. Chewy, 1-800 Pet Meds, etc.) carry a fee.

No call, no show fees

If you fail to notify the clinic of the need to cancel or reschedule an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will incur a comprehensive exam fee. This must be paid prior to scheduling another appointment.

There is a 3.5% convenience charge added to all card payments. Cash and check are accepted also.