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Veterinarian-Approved 24/7 Online Puppy & Dog Training Video Class

Donna Chandler’s Good Dog! ONE-der Class®

  • Helps Dog-Owners train better
  • Helps dogs of all ages and breeds behave better
  • ONE class = a lifetime plan for Good Dog Behavior
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Best Dog Training Method to Become Better Best Friends® for Life!

Our vision is to provide you and your family with a convenient, easy-to-learn puppy and dog training program that fits your active mobile lifestyle and delivers the results you need: Good Dog! behavior.

Features of the Class:


Donna Chandler’s method of online puppy and dog training is proven over decades of use and is recommended by veterinarians nationwide.


Watch 37 quick & easy lessons of 3 to 4 minutes average length. Covers training and all aspects of dog ownership.


Your entire family can watch and re-watch the lessons 24/7 — any time on any web-connected device.


Learn and train at your own pace, so the training works best for you and your puppy or dog.


Donna will personally answer your questions during training.


Only $169 for the full class. Available for as long as needed!


The combined convenience, quality, and credentials of the Good Dog! ONE-der Class® exceed all other canine training programs available today.


The good behavior your dog will achieve and maintain will far surpass those of any other training method. You’ll quickly become Better Best Friends® for life!
Enroll in Full Class or FREE Lesson

‘Good Dog!’ is an amazing program for anyone who has a dog as a best friend, or is about to form a new canine relationship! Too many of us—myself included—don’t spend as much time training our dogs as they deserve. Indeed, they really deserve to be trained to live among us fussy humans. It’s different if they could just run free, but in today’s society with all the close neighborhoods we live in—our friends must know and obey the rules. In the end, both you and your pet will enjoy a much better life together with some basic training!

This is a program with all of the basics covered, and Donna Chandler shares a lifetime of training tips with you, including the ‘whispering’ technique. So, do yourself—and your dog—a favor and follow the ‘Good Dog!’ methods!”

Jack HannaDirector Emeritus, Columbia Zoo

Using training techniques like the ones in GOOD DOG! can create a lifelong bond between a dog and its owner.

Martha BodenExecutive Director, Humane Society of Indianapolis

My 10 year old son and I have loved your videos. I had no idea where to start. Rosie my new 3 month old teddy bear puppy picked up everything so quickly. This has made all the difference in having her in our home as a puppy.

Raquel S.Colorado

She’s just a natural trainer and can communicate it to the novice so well.

Kevin L.Indiana